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Direct sunlight is required for all life on Earth.  It provides health benefits from the Vitamin D we receive from sunlight.  It acts as a disenfectant for molds, mildews, viruses, and the reduces the spread of the flu.  It provides photosynthesis which is needed for all plants to grow strong and healthy enough to produce food crops. And it drives the production of electrical power through solar panels.

We are already reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth with a variety of programs and pollutants.  Now a small group of scientists are working to implement geoengineering experiments to reduce more direct sunlight from reaching the Earth. The sun has a great influence on our oceans, weather, and climate.

What Happens when we Reduce the Amount of Direct Sunlight Reaching the Earth?

Why are Many of us Suffering the Health Effects of Lack of Vitamin D?  What are these Health Effects?  Visit the Vitamin D Section of the ADC Website:

What is Reducing the Amount of Direct Sunlight Reaching the Earth?

Toxic chemicals and particles are also being discussed by Geoengineers for use in our atmosphere without any consideration for the acid rains that they will produce.  More air pollution and contamination of our water resources and soils or changes in soil pH will be the result.  These programs will also impact plant health, crop production, and tree health.  Sea salt is being proposed for usage to make clouds brighter without considering that salt makes soils unproductive and water unfit to drink or be used for crop irrigation.

Geoengineering promoting scientists are aware that NASA studies (See Geoengineering Section of this website for NASA Documents), show that jets are leaving persistent jet contrails that exacerbate global warming, change our climate and have negative impacts on natural resources.  And we have a variety of experimental atmospheric programs that are using the atmosphere as a physics testing laboratory like HAARP in Alaska, the NASA and U.S. Air Force CRESS and Night Clouds Programs, the U.S. Navy and NASA atmospheric CARE program (which deployed into the Atmospherice an Aluminum Oxide Dust Clouds on September 19, 2009).  In additional there are experimental weather modification programs, ocean iron fertilization, and other experiments that are all ongoing.  (This website provides the documents, studies, and other information about these programs.)

Honey bees, and other species, depend upon UV radiation for communication and navigation purposes.  In addition, with ever-increasing UV Radiation reaching the Earth our increasing atmospheric experiments may have already damaged these protective atmospheric layers.  Prior to allowing more experimental geoengineering schemes to be deployed in our oceans and atmosphere, without public consent or oversight, we need to engage in public debate and hear from scientists from all categories...not just the ones that will benefit financially from the geoeingeering schemes that they are promoting.   

Global Geoengineering Governance is being planned, without public participation, by both the U.S. and the UK is time to say "no" to all of it until the public is fully informed of the consequences of deploying these schemes. 

Direct sunlight benefits all of us in so many ways.  It is now time to put the brakes on these experimental geoengineering and other atmospsheric experiments.  The negative consequences of using our oceans or the atmosphere as giant experimental physics laboratories, may exacerabate or contribute to make our problems worse than the problems we are now experiencing.  And maybe our own current experiments are causing many of our problems. 

We also know from many studies that a lack of direct sunlight lowers crop production when normal rainfall is present.  Direct sunlight is good for all living things on the planet - it provides for life as we know it. (See the Vitamin D Health information in the pdfs below-there is growing body of evidence that shows increasing health consequences from lack of Vitamin D, including rickets in children.  Could this be partially caused by the man-made clouds described in NASA studies?)

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General Articles & Posters

2A 2007 Solar Power+Man-Made Clouds September 4, 2007.pdf

2A 2008 NWV Ultraviolet Radiation Warning Article by Rosalind Peterson July 2008.pdf




2B 2003 NOAA M.D. Particles CSU Study Cirrus Clouds Aluminum Oxide-Alumina Silicate-Iron Oxide-Nanoscale.pdf

California Issues


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Global Dimming - Lack of Direct Sunlight Reaching the Earth - Lower Crop Production

BBC: Global Dimming

BBC Horizon cautions that some viewers may find this documentary disturbing as it examines the power of what scientists call 'Global Dimming'. There are 5 Parts to this series. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Health Issues


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Man-Made Clouds & Aviation Impacts on Crop Production


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2M 2010 Jet Contrails Above Britain Can Block Sunshine Over 20,000 Square Miles The

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NASA & NOAA Studies & Reports


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U.S. Patents - Weather Modification


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Solar Power & Other Sources of Energy Production


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Telescopes Worthless in Near Future


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Ultra Violet Radiation Issues - Crop Production & Plant Health


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Oceans & Marine Life - Animals 


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No Comment


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PBS Nova: Dimming the Sun

PBS NOVA asks, "Are vapor trails from aircraft influencing the climate, and if so, should we worry?" See The Contrail Effect

BBC Video (49 Minutes) on Global Dimming December 5, 2006 - Decline of Evaporation along with increasing Global Dimming

Soot and airborne particles add to air pollution which could be the cause of global dimming.  Project INDOEX Study - 10% Fall in Sunlight reaching the Earth-Particle Pollution having a huge effect causing Global Dimming.  Pollution particles were blocking some sunlight and also turning the clouds into giant reflective mirrors.  Ash, soot, sulfur dioxide (man-made particles), found in clouds.  Polluted clouds contained more smaller water droplets...polluted clouds reflecting more light back into space.  This was the cause of Global Dimming.  Making the clouds brighter was having a huge effect on Global Dimming happening all over the world.  (Pacific Ocean and other areas)   The effects of Global Dimming:  More reflective clouds alter the pattern of the world's rainfall creating droughts and other extreme weather events.  Polluted clouds stops the heat of the sun from reaching the Earth.  Europe has already made a start in reducing air pollution which is the major culprit in Global Dimming.  As we reduce the dimming what happens next?

What would the world be like without global dimming?  Vapor trails left behind by high flying aircraft...spreading out blanketing the sky.  Network of contrails coverage have effect on the temperature of the surface of the Earth.  Thus, the September 11, 2001, study when all commercial aircraft were grounded.  Gathering temperature and temperature range records from across the United States in 24 hours.   The climate data results were larger than expected.  Without contrails warmer days and cooler nights.  Largest temperature swing by removing jet contrails and jet fuel emissions during those days.

Skywatch Note:  "Geoengineers are working on Solar Radiation Management to reduce the amount of direct sunlight reaching the Earth without taking into consideration of Global Dimming by adding more pollutants to the atmosphere. If evaporation is less then are we putting more water vapor into the atmosphere through the deliberate release of aircraft produced water vapor in the form of persistent jet contrails?  Extreme weather events are caused by Global Dimming which is the result of air pollution.

We are not sure that the increase in temperature during the day offset by lower night temperatures during 09/11/2001 study when aircraft was grounded is the whole story.  This question was not answered in this presentation.  I am not sure that their conclusions are correct.  And they failed to note that Water Vapor is a Greenhouse Gas and that aviation is a prime source of water vapor production.  This is where the crisis talk starts and the drumbeat against CO2 begins...and the call for action becomes dramatic...Skywatch is not sure that we understand all of the parameters in this equation to be making such dire predictions or to give warming...The David Keith and Ken Caldeira (Geoengineering Proponents), mantra is part of this drumbeat to take dramatic action. The scare tactics may drive experiments that will make these problems worse.

Also there is not discussion of the man-made clouds produced by jet contrails and that they exacerbating global warming in the Arctic and other many studies are addressing this water vapor (greenhouse gas) issue. 

Bottles of light - Garbage Giving Light "...

A "light bulb" now exists that does not use any conventional energy. Introducing the Solar Bottle Bulb -- an alternative source of daylight powered by the sun. It is made from an old soda bottle. By filling it with water and sealing it into the roof, the water refracts the sun's rays and provides about 55 watts of light to a darkened room. This video take us to The Philipines. The villagers are saving money on electric bills, and literally seeing a big difference in their lives. It can be built and installed in less than 1 hour, and uses inexpensive or recycled materials. The water is mixed with some bleach and does not need replacing for about 2 years. There is no shortage of green jobs for those installing the miracle light bulbs either. The installer in this video had to quit his day job to keep up with the demand!" --B. Farber