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Agriculture Defence Coalition Poster.pdf (1.6MB)


The first poster below shows the programs planned or ongoing as part of many geoengineering schemes that are being proposed by a few scientists that want to use the Earth, our atmosphere, and the oceans as a giant, unregulated, physics laboratory.   These scientists want unlimited rights, with no Congressional or Public Oversight, to conduct multiple types of experiments using a wide variety of methods, many of which are detrimental to the environment and human health.  The U.S. House of Representatives has held three hearings (two in 2010), on this subject and is working with the UK on a Global Geoeningeering Governance Scheme.  The ADC opposes all current and ongoing geoengineering schemes...and those proposed to be used in the future. 

Geoengineering Methods + Medicine Chest 2010 Cartoon by Rosalind U.S. House Hearings.pdf (0.4MB)

Geoengineering Playing Russian Roulette with Earth + Atmosphere 2010 SRM Cartoon by Rosalind.pdf (0.4MB)


The Contrail Poster below was first introduced to the public in 2006, and has been revised in 2010.  This poster is about jets leaving various types (listed), of contrails which, according to NASA studies (2005 Newsletter), are "...trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming..."  NASA goes on to state that "...any change in the global cloud cover may contribute to long-term changes in the Earth's climate.  Contrails, especially persistent contrails, represent a human-caused increase in the Earth's cloudiness, and are likely to be affecting climate and ultimately our natural resources..."

California - Persistent Jet Contrail Pictures - Various Types of Contrails.pdf (11.8MB)

Southern California - Persistent Jet Contrail poster.jpg (356KB)

Southern California - Persistent Jet Contrail poster big.jpg   Big version (12MB)



There are many proposed geoengineering schemes that are designed to reduce the amount of direct sunlight reachign the Earth.  (Persistent Jet Contrails that turn into white haze and man-made clouds currently are reducing the amount of direct sunlight reaching the Earth.)  Without direct sunlight reaching the Earth Photosynthesis is reduced.  The three posters below demonstrate the importance of photosynthesis and the need for direct sunlight to reach the ground for not only tree health but stable and increasing crop production.

The Importance of Photosynthesis & Our Trees & Plants.pdf (2MB)

How Do You Like Your Skies - Natural or Man-Made & Tree Decline Photographs - CA.pdf (1.6MB)

Sky Photographs of Persistent Jet Contrails + Smile.pdf (1.4MB)


Our weather in the United States is being modified by private corporations, states, cities, counties, the military, universities, and other groups without congressional oversight, public notification or consent.  The poster below represents more than 60 ongoing weather modification programs in the western states in 2009, according to NOAA public record documents.

No weather service notes that these programs are ongoing in these states or local areas...these programs are not being reported by local weathermen whether or radio or television, or by your local newspapers.  Thus, weather caused by these programs is reported to either be normal, caused by global warming or other phenomena they cannot explain.  Many times unusual weather cannot be explained because these weather modification programs are not noted in their forecasts.

ADC Weather Modification Program Map of the United States.pdf (1.3MB)




Cap & Trade Ponzi Schemes: 

Cap & Trade 2.pdf (2.5MB)

Cap & Trade Train 4.pdf (3.1MB)


US Navy vs Nature:

The U.S. Navy Section in this website, on Warfare Testing Programs, was updated in 2010, and will continue to be updated with new information on a monthly basis or as new information is available. Expansions or new areas for warfare testing are planned for the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Many of these warfare programs are ongoing in these ocean areas at the current time to the detriment of millions of marine mammals.


BAR Navy Marine 1 small.jpg (55KB)

BAR Navy Marine 1 big.jpg (2741KB)

Marine Mammals 16.pdf (5.8MB)

Navy Warfare Test 2.pdf (1.6MB)

Postcard Navy Marine 8.pdf (0.4MB)

Postcard Navy Marine 8 big.jpg (3.6MB)

Range Complex Poster 9.jpg (11.4MB)

Range Complex Poster 5 Senator.pdf (1.5MB)

Rods from GOD 2.pdf (3.6MB)


US Senate Bill 1733 Cap & Trade Bill promoted by Senator Barbara Boxer:

Climate/Energy/Jobs/Cap & Trade/ PRI Pollution Reduction Investment Ponzi Scheme Bill

Senators Kerry and Lieberman will be introducing a new climate/jobs bill in 2010.  It will be modeled on U.S. Senate Bill 1733 and the Climate/Energy Bill passed in the U.S. House in 2009, which is supported by Senator Boxer.  This massive Ponzi Scheme that will not regulate any green house gases for seven to ten years should be defeated. This group of  posters demonstrate why and what harm these bills will do to the environment while enriching Wall Street and the Banks which are written into all current climate/energy. Read more on this subject under the Climate Cap & Trade Section of this website.

Any Climate/Energy Legislation passed by the U.S. Senate would automatically be integrated into the U.S. House Bill during conference committee negotiations and then be sent to the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate for another vote.  If passed, this legislation would go before the President for his signature or veto.  Since the President is supporting this legislation there is no hope that he will veto this final bill.  The ADC does not support any verion of the Climate/Energy Bills in the U.S. Senate.

Ponzi Horse 2.pdf (2MB)

Ponzi Horse 4.pdf (3.2MB)

Senate 1733 Back 5.pdf (3.3MB)

Senate 1733 Back 6.pdf (2MB)

Senate 1733 Front 8.pdf (3.3MB)