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Job losses, outsourcing, lower crop production, water issues, Wall Street Ponzi Schemes, chemical companies, seed companies, genetically modified crops and seeds, uncontrolled  experimental weather modification programs,and greed are all moving us in the wrong direction.  However, we are not powerless as the wealth of this country is transferred from the majority of the people here to a hierarchy that makes nothing...just bets with our hard earned money in a myriad of Ponzi Schemes...each one less regulated that the one before it.

Bernie Madoff certainly lived up to his name and "made-off" with $millions or $billions...who knows.  The banks and insurance companies all were engaged in these same Ponzi Schemes and betting houses.  When they ran out of money we the taxpayers subsidized them and now the stock market, the banks, Wall Street, and the Hedge Fund managers are all in the gravy.  A few small fry may go to jail for a short time but most have been rewarded in the $Millions and $Billions by the U.S. taxpayers.  And Greenspan testifying noted in April 2010, that he "made mistakes..." but won't be held accountable.

While unemployment rises and more jobs are outsourced...while crop production goes down and food imports grow...while honey bees and other pollinators decline and chemical and geoengineering companies enrich themselves...while our food production acreage is turned into fuel for our cars...lowering food production...while we purchase food from other countries that is contaminated as imported food does not have to follow the same safety regulations as food produced in the United food recalls keep going up...and we keep feeling the heat and the health effects...we all are losing ground hard fought for in the past.

All of us can join together and put a stop to this transfer of wealth, lower food production, and food safety...we can protect our children and grandchildren and make sure that they can have a life that is better than ours...not worse.  We can unite...all of us with different pursue common goals.  Divided by all the "PARTIES" and the rhetoric from them...along with corporate rhetoric we fail...united we can make a better place for all of might be hard...but worth the effort.  It comes down to each of us making a decision...