This section contains information that relates to the State of Arizona.  Starting in 2002, we began a research project that has encompassed a wide variety of subjects and some of them involved information about Arizona. This section will be updated with new information as it becomes available each month.

28 1 2006 Arizona Contrail Poster 2006.pdf

28 1 2009 Arizona Supreme Court Ruling October 29, 2009 Public Records-Important Ruling.pdf

28 1 2009 The Wave Arizona by Spencer Weiner Los Angeles Times Great Photograph.pdf

28A 1999 Arizona Ambient Air Quality Guidelines 1999 Draft.pdf

28A 2008 Arizona May 1, 2008 Phoenix Air Particulates Tests.pdf

28B 2006 Arizona 2006 Specific Conductance Graphs - Arizona Skywatch.xls

28B 2008 Arizona Scientists Study Pollutants in Arizona Rivers January 1, 2008.pdf

28B 2008 NYTimes August 10, 2008 Kingman, Arizona Boom Water.pdf

28B 2008 Water Rights Arizona August 31, 2008 NYTimes.pdf

28B 2009 Arizona Clear Water Act Violations Map NYTimes September 12, 2009.pdf

28C 2010 Arizona Quits Western Cap & Trade Climate Endeavor Feburayr 11, 2010 Arizona Republic News.pdf

28D 2008 Water Arizona August 24, 2008 Lake Powell Past Drought.pdf

28D 2009 Arizona Drought NYTimes September 14, 2009 Colorado River-Wetland Could be Destroyed to Supply CA, Nevada + Arizona.pdf

EPA & California Department of Toxic Substances Control Final Report on Mercury August 2002
Note:  Energy Efficient Light Bulb Hazards include Mercury, Arsenic, Lead & Possible PCBs in older ballasts.
See California EPA Website for more information:

28F 2008 Arizona Scientists Study River Pollutants Fish + Frogs January 21, 2008.pdf

28J 1994 DTIC Abstract U.A. Air Force Jet Fuel JP-8 Lung Toxicity June 2, 1994 Arizona University, Tuscon.pdf

28J 2000 DTIC Abstract November 2000 U.S. Air Force Jet Fuel JP-8 Toxic Human Health Effects-Arizona University.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1994.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1995.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1996.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1997.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1998.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 1999.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2000.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2001.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2002.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2003.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2005.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2006.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix AZ 2007.pdf

28K UV Daily EPA History Graph Phoenix ZA 2008.pdf

28M 2003 Arizona Governor Commission for Military Affairs Order 2003.pdf

28M 2003 Arizona Military Task Force 2003.pdf

28M 2005 Arizona Military Installations 2005.pdf

28M 2007 Arizona U.S. Air Force + Ratheon Face EPA Fines Water Contamination Tuscon 2007.pdf

28M 2007 Arizona Water Pollution U.S. Air Force July 13, 2007 Raytheon Tuscon.pdf

28M 2008 Arizona Economic Impact of Arizona's Principal Military Operations - 2008.pdf

28M 2009 Arizona Military Affairs Commission May 30, 2009 Website-Governor of Arizona.pdf

28P 2008 Arizona Copper Mines NYTimes November 28, 2008 How Much Pollution.pdf

28P 2008 Teams Study Pollutants in Arizona Rivers January 21, 2008 Arizona Republic.pdf

28Q 2010 Cherished Parks Closing in Arizona NYTimes April 28, 2010 No Funding.pdf

28T 2000 Arizona Lemon Tree Decline Arizona-California 2000 Research Study.pdf

28T 2005 Arizona Fraser Fir Tree Decline November 22, 2005.pdf

28T 2005 Tree Decline Search Arizona November 22, 2005 - Note Pronghorn Deer and Mule Deer Declines.pdf

28U 2010 U.S. EPA Fined 3 Arizona Charter School Operators for Asbestos Violations May 16, 2010.pdf

28V 2010 Arizona Indian Tribe Wins Fight to Limite Resesarch of Their DNA NYTimes April 21, 2010.pdf

28W 1992 Arizona Weather Modification Information 1992.pdf

28W 2008 Arizona Storms Slam Phoenix Area August 30, 2008 AP News.pdf

28W 2008 Arizona Weather Modification + History + Arizona WRRC University of Arizona 2008.pdf

28W 2009 Arizona Water Resources Research Center-Weather Modification May 30, 2009 General Information .pdf

28W 2010 Arizona, Flagstaff Leads Snowfall Total February 2010 Arizona Daily Sun News.pdf

28X 1999 Arizona Plant Diseases 1999.pdf

28Y 2002 Trees Show Tungsten Increase in Two Leukemia Towns-Also Residents August 27, 2002 Fallon Nevada-Sierrra Vista Arizona.pdf

28Y 2002 Tungsten Fallon Nevada Tree Rings Studied in Cancer Investigation October 16, 2002 Reno Gazette News.pdf

28Y 2002 Tungsten Tests Find Tungsten in Fallon Water Supply Fallon, Nevada Problems September 17, 2002.pdf

28Y 2003 General Information Tungsten 2003 Information refid=76.pdf

28Y 2003 Surprise Tungsten Find in Toxic Tests on Trees in Sacramento CA FEB 23, 2003 Sacramento Bee News-University of Arizona.pdf

28Y 2003 Tungsten January 18, 2003 News Article Evidence so far Tungsten not a Health Threat New Research Needed-See EPA Data.pdf

28Y 2003 Tungsten Nevada FEB 6, 2003 Pollution Leukemia Link Fallon Tungsten Plant Operated Without Pollution Controls News.pdf

28Y 2005 Tungsten Search 2005 query=tungsten&bool=and.pdf

28Y 2006 Lenntech Tungsten Health Effects 2006 General Information.pdf

28Y 2008 Tungsten Health Effects 2008 California EPA.pdf

28Y 2008 Tungsten Lenntech Periodic Table Health Effects 2008.pdf

28Z 2011 No Comment Arizona Video March 30, 2011 Note Sky Fallout Phoenix.pdf