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"West Nile Spraying Slowed by Rain; Officials Stay Determined in Texas:

"...Dallas, Texas West Nile aerial pesticide spraying to begin overnight-West Nile virus outbreak..."
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske - Los Angeles Times - August 17, 2012 Article & Video
"...HOUSTON--Aerial pesticide spraying in the Dallas area overnight to combat the deadly spread of mosquito-borne West Nile virus was impeded by rain, and planes were able to cover only about half the area they had targeted, officials said. Officials plan to ramp up efforts Friday night, however, doubling the number of planes to four and possibly taking off a bit earlier, according to Laura McGowan, a spokeswoman for Clarke, the Roselle, Ill.-based mosquito control company hired by the city and county to spray.

Two planes took off about 10 p.m. Thursday and covered about 52,000 acres before they were grounded at midnight, McGowan said. “We tried to wait out the storm,” she said, but two hours later they called off spraying.  Areas that were not sprayed will be first on the list Friday night, she said.  “That will obviously be our first priority when we spray tonight—getting to the rest of the spray block,” she said. But “we are looking at potential weather issues again—there’s some rain in the forecast.”...Vanessa Van Gilder, 33, of Dallas started a petition on against aerial and ground spraying of pesticides that by Friday had garnered more than 1,800 signatures..."


NYC Looks To Combat Rising Number Of West Nile Cases With Mosquito Spraying - "

...Upper West Side Residents Told To Stay Inside During Friday AM Spray Period..." August 30, 2012 CBS News New York - See Map & Video+Article "...

"...Department of Health officials want city residents to stay indoors during the spraying period. They are also advising people to keep air conditioners off or at least use the re-circulate function. Another tip officials are offering is to bring any items in backyards, especially children’s toys, inside..."